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Webinar 1: The business case for server-side experimentation


Why move to server-side experimentation

In the 1st webinar discussion of a 3 part series, we discuss some of the most common use cases for selecting a server-side experimentation approach and considerations for building a business case. Stewart Ehoff (RS Components) and Isabel Meijaard (Optimizely) join us to share their experiences and recommendations.

This webinar took place on Thursday 13th August 2020: 14:00-15:00 BST


  • Stewart Ehoff (RS Components)
  • Isabel Meijaard (Optimizely)
  • Mark Pybus (CCX)


You’ll hear how a range of different businesses have been through the process of moving to server-side and some considerations for building a business case.

Businesses that implement new technology with more than one use case, and a framework for assessing the impact of change, tend to deliver faster ROI and sustained business improvement.

The server-side experimentation webinar series

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