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Webinar: What does “Experimentation Democratisation” really mean?


Experimentation Democratisation. Hear from those who are actually doing it

We’ve all heard people talk about ‘Experimentation Democratisation’, but what does it really mean? How can businesses get beyond a buzzword to enable business-wide change?

In this webinar Chris Gibbins talks with Natasha Senior & Sam Ingleston about how Experimentation has been adopted by a wide variety of teams across Sky & DAZN. How it works in practice, how roles have adapted, some of the common challenges and what’s next.

This webinar took place on Thursday 5th August 2021: 10:00-11:00 BST


  • Natasha Senior, Senior Experimentation Manager (Sky)
  • Sam Ingleston, Global Subscription Experimentation Manager (DAZN)
  • Chris Gibbins, Chief Experience Officer (CCX)

Topics covered

  • A typical day at Sky and DAZN for an Experimentation Manager. Including sharing their favourite experiment and the steps involved in making it happen.
  • What “Experimentation Democratisation” means to them in their roles.
  • Why involve other teams in experimentation?
  • What are the challenges of involving so many different teams?
  • Experimentation Operating Models discussion
  • What makes a modern Experimenter? And the key skills needed?
  • What advice would you give to other experimenters looking to scale Experimentation?
  • Questions and Answers

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