Experimentation Democratisation. Hear from those who are actually doing it

We’ve all heard people talk about ‘Experimentation Democratisation’, but what does it really mean? How can businesses get beyond a buzzword to enable business-wide change?

In this webinar Chris Gibbins talks with Natasha Senior & Sam Ingleston about how Experimentation has been adopted by a wide variety of teams across Sky & DAZN. How it works in practice, how roles have adapted, some of the common challenges and what’s next.

This webinar took place on Thursday 5th August 2021: 10:00-11:00 BST


  • Natasha Senior, Senior Experimentation Manager (Sky)
  • Sam Ingleston, Global Subscription Experimentation Manager (DAZN)
  • Chris Gibbins, Chief Experience Officer (CCX)

Topics covered

  • A typical day at Sky and DAZN for an Experimentation Manager. Including sharing their favourite experiment and the steps involved in making it happen.
  • What “Experimentation Democratisation” means to them in their roles.
  • Why involve other teams in experimentation?
  • What are the challenges of involving so many different teams?
  • Experimentation Operating Models discussion
  • What makes a modern Experimenter? And the key skills needed?
  • What advice would you give to other experimenters looking to scale Experimentation?
  • Questions and Answers