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Webinar: Mitigating Risk with Digital Experimentation

Experimentation and A/B testing are essential tools for businesses and organisations looking to improve user experience and boost performance across digital properties and increase conversion.

However, experimentation also allows product and marketing teams to test bigger and more adventurous ideas before rollout – reducing the risk of harmful changes and features being introduced that may negatively affect the user experience.

On this webinar, we took a look at some of the less commonly discussed benefits of how experimentation can benefit the entire organisation, not just a single team. And enable you to balance risk and reward, testing bolder changes to help you grow your business whilst de-risking new designs, messaging, and features.

Our Chief Experience Officer Chris Gibbins, and Liz Robertson, Lead Product Marketer at AB Tasty, shared some examples of where experimentation has helped businesses avoid the rollout of harmful changes – whilst enabling and encouraging creative freedom.

We also discussed:

  • Risk vs Reward
  • A/B Testing ROI calculator
  • Examples of successful experiments

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