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Webinar: Experimentation Themes for 2022

‘Experimentation Themes for 2022’

With businesses under increasing pressure to improve customer experiences and make better commercial decisions – customer journey improvements and new feature releases across digital properties have never been more important.  Many businesses have now established Experimentation as a critical part of understanding their audience, improving existing digital experiences, and driving innovation.

During the webinar and panel discussion, we discussed some of the Experimentation Themes for 2022 we recently published, discussing why we believe they’re relevant for product, marketing and optimisation teams today, and how they can enable us to make better, informed decisions.

The panel of experts

  • Alexandra Bell – Testing and Optimisation Lead at Investec
  • Hamish Bones – CRO Manager at Hastings Direct
  • Chris Gibbins – Chief Experience Officer at Creative CX
  • Mark Pybus – Chief Executive Officer at Creative CX (host)

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