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The Creative CX Christmas Party Extravaganza


‘Tis the season to be jolly, and our Creative CX team certainly embraced the festive spirit with an unforgettable Christmas party!

The event was a delightful blend of holiday traditions, laughter, friendly competition, and recognition leaving everyone with lasting memories (or hangovers).

As we navigate the realms of our hybrid work model, we at Creative CX acknowledge the significance of fostering social connections within the team.

This year’s turnout was fantastic, bringing together a festive blend of Christmas party themes.

From a Secret Santa exchange to some well-deserved awards, and not forgetting the wonderful collection of drinks and, of course, FOOD!

Awards and Secret Santa surprises:

Georgiana, Liam, Simon, and Mark celebrating at our awards ceremony.
Our Award Ceremony featuring Georgiana, Liam, Simon, and Mark

The festivities kicked off with the traditional Secret Santa gift exchange, where our team embraced the spirit of surprise and humour with some interesting gift choices making an appearance.

Following the gift exchange we headed over to a rooftop bar to gather for an award ceremony that was organised by our wonderful social committee.

Colleagues were recognised for their outstanding contributions and achievements throughout the year, setting a positive and celebratory tone for the day.

Some honourable award mentions:

London Bridge rooftop bar: canapé and cheers

Mehul still working away on his laptop next to the Christmas tree on the top of the London Bridge rooftop bar.
Mehul (our little Christmas elf) still hard at work on top of London

After the awards and Secret Santa exchange, the Creative CX team took the party to new heights– literally!

The London Bridge rooftop bar provided a stunning backdrop for the next leg of the celebration.

Against the city skyline, we enjoyed yummy canapés and clinked glasses filled with festive drinks.

Taskmaster tournament: a viciously competitive showdown

Mark, a.k.a ‘Mark Goldspark’ acting as Taskmaster

The competitive spirit soared as the team engaged in the much-anticipated return of the Taskmaster tournament hosted by our CEO Mark, or as ChatGPT has now dubbed him ‘Mark Goldspark’ who is known for his signature gold blazer.

Laughter echoed through the rooftop as colleagues faced off in a series of challenges designed to test wit, creativity, and teamwork.

From hilarious antics that ended up in some embarrassing Linkedin posts (Nathan‘s in particular was a real treat) to unexpected talents, the tournament showcased the unique personalities that make up the Creative CX family.

Slammers Bar: imprisoned in fun

Paul, Abi, and Georgiana embracing the prison theme

Our journey continued with a stop at Slammers Bar, where the theme turned to prison-inspired drinks.

The ambiance took a playful turn, with colleagues indulging in creatively crafted beverages served in unconventional containers.

Some of us donned the orange jumpsuits, or a sheriff’s hat as we immersed ourselves in the experience.

The lively atmosphere fueled more fun and laughter, making this themed bar a highlight of the night.

The Breakfast Club: a well-earned feast

As the night progressed, the Creative CX team wrapped up the festivities at The Breakfast Club.

The well-deserved feast offered a diverse menu of comforting and hearty dishes that sustained the team after a day of merriment and excitement.

The warmth of good food and good company (and a lot of singing) created a perfect ending to a night filled with joy, holiday cheer, and recognition for a year well done.


The Creative CX Christmas party was a resounding success, blending holiday traditions with creativity, competition, camaraderie, and the acknowledgment of outstanding contributions.

From the excitement of awards to the joy of Secret Santa, the laughter of the Taskmaster Tournament, and the themed adventures at the rooftop bar and Slammers Bar, the evening was a true celebration of the team’s accomplishments and the bonds that make Creative CX a unique and thriving workplace.

A huge thank you to our wonderful social committee who made all the merriment possible!

Here’s to the memories made and the festive spirit that will undoubtedly carry the team into the new year.

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