Fill your roadmap with powerful ideas for optimisation & innovation

Quant and Qual research and analysis to identify insights and new opportunities

100+ actionable insights & problem statements

Each insight or problem is clearly described, categorised, prioritised, time-stamped (if a usability finding), and quantified with data.

A/B testing

40+ A/B test ideas

We will create powerful A/B test ideas for the majority of problems uncovered. These ideas come from the collaborative ideation sessions and our considerable experience.

Innovation and big UX Design ideas

5+ ideas for innovation

Our specially designed user research coupled with deep-dive data analysis will always reveal something new and surprising. The perfect breeding ground for bigger more innovative ideas.

Just do it UX fixes

20+ JDI's (Just Do It fixes)

Not every recommendation needs to be A/B tested. Included in the output will be many that can be sent straight to the development team to implement.

Our core methods included in the package

The Opportunity Audit is so much more than the sum of its parts. It’s the combination of 5 carefully designed methods that produce such rich findings and beneficial results for our clients.

Each method is carried out by senior practitioners and in close collaboration with our clients’ internal teams. The teams are encouraged to watch the live usability sessions and participate in the notetaking. They then play a critical role in the highly creative ideation workshops that help to bring everyone together around the common objective of solving customer problems.

The final output is a strategic plan of recommended improvements and experimentation themes for the next 6-12 months. This includes problem statements, A/B test ideas, bigger ideas for product innovation and JDI’s (Just Do It fixes).

Expert UX and Conversion review

1. Expert User Experience Review

Moderated Usability Testing

2. Moderated Usability Testing (remote)

Data Analysis

3. Data Analysis of key journeys

Collaborative ideation sessions

4. Collaborative Ideation Sessions (remote)

Customer Journey Mapping

5. Strategic plan & recommendations

Recent Opportunity Audits

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The Stars Group
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"We were very impressed with Creative CX’s Opportunity Audit process which uncovered a series of opportunities and gave us a clear customer-first strategy for the next 6 months. We are really looking forward to working with Creative CX to deliver this new roadmap of ideas."

— James Burton-lee, Head of Customer Acquisition at David Lloyd Clubs

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Why you might need a CCX Opportunity Audit?

  • You’re just getting started with Experimentation and Optimisation and are keen to make sure you have a great roadmap full of customer-centric ideas for the best chance of success.
  • You want to find out how well your digital product or service works for your target audience. And most importantly where the biggest opportunities are for improvements, JDI fixes, A/B testing ideas and new innovation.
  • It’s been a long time since you last carried out any proper user research and deep-dive data analysis.
  • Your team are naturally very close to the existing digital product or service, and could really benefit from a different viewpoint.
  • Your A/B testing win rate is too low and you’re struggling to justify the ROI of the programme. You need some winners fast.
  • Your sector is very competitive. You have to improve the digital products and services as fast as possible so that they provide a better customer experience than the competition.
  • Your programme has stagnated a little and the team need inspiration and a fresh new 'customer' perspective.
  • Your A/B testing velocity needs to be increased. You have the capacity to run more tests, however, you’re running out of ideas.

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